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More than 2 months
8 months Anytime, Animal Welfare Certificate Distance Program (Internet). You can begin the AWCP courses at anytime.


$3139 Courses and FeesAWCP 170 $650 Include in the cost of the course package: (Theory) AWCP 171 $650 AWCP 050 $375 AWCP 051 $175 AWCP 052 $275 AWCP 053 $250 AWCP 054 $225 AWCP 055 $175 AWCP 056 $150 AWCP 062 $150 Student needs to purchase: Pit

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Poultry and Egg

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Animal Production
8 months Anytime, Animal Welfare Certificate Distance Program (Internet). You can begin the AWCP courses at anytime. There are no prerequisites but we suggest that you be comfortable working at a grade 12 level with some science background.Anytime, Animal Welfare Certificate Distance Program (Internet). You can begin the AWCP courses at anytime. This is a program of studies for animal care givers who are interested in upgrading their work skills and for individuals interested in a career in Animal Welfare. The Animal Welfare Certificate Program has been jointly developed by Thompson Rivers University (TRU), and the BC Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BC SPCA).There are many animal care givers who would like to upgrade their working knowledge in this interesting field. They may be employed or are seeking employment in the animal welfare industry, or are involved in retail sectors of the industry, such as pet stores or related pet businesses. However, because of distance, work schedules, financial constraints or time commitments to family or community, it is often not possible for them to travel to a post-secondary institution to attend a training program. Or, there are students who just starting their undergraduate studies who would like to investigate opportunities for a career in Animal Welfare.TRU and the BC SPCA have developed a program which is based on bringing the learning package to your home or work environment, and which encourages you to use new educational technology. Building on the highly regarded Animal Health Technology Diploma program offered by TRU, and the Bachelor of Science Degree that has prepared graduates for successful entry into Veterinary School, this new Certificate program has behind it the quality and reputation of both TRU and the BC SPCA.The program is divided into two levels (AWCP 170 & AWCP 171). Each level is comprised of a series of modules. Depending on your level of experience you can complete both levels in sequence, or start immediately on the second level. It may also be possible for you to complete only selected modules from one level, depending on your individual requirements.Completion of AWCP 170 or AWCP 171 will result in the student obtaining a certificate of completion and undergraduate course credits at Thompson Rivers University. These credits will be honoured at BC Open University and the University of British Columbia in certain programs. It is possible for you to complete only selected modules depending on your individual requirements.

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For program information contact:

(250) 828-5178
Visit the program Web site
Wayne Hollingshead, Coordinator of TRU, Animal Health Technology

Last Updated: 2013-05-09

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