Cattle Production for Women

Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives

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Winnipeg MB R3C 0P8

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Animal Production
This program has been designed specifically for women so that they will be able to open up more easily and discus and question the themes in the courses. This one-day seminar course focuses on all of the major aspects of cattle production. The instructors for this program are women experts in the industry from MAFRI and the Farm and Rural Stress Line. This is the first year of the program and it was started out of the frustration women felt during the BSE crisis to not be able to help as much as they wanted. Therefore, at this point it is uncertain whether this course will become an annual or semi-annual course. It is currently being offered around Manitoba.

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(204) 485-4177
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Grant Palmer, Manager, Farm Management Section

Last Updated: 2013-05-09

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