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                                                                                                                                              J-MAS Market Masters - Crop Merchandising Course 2014-15

The full J-MAS Merchandising Course consists of Eleven segments.  A minimum of Seven "core" segments must be completed in order to recieve Certificate of Completion.

The Full Course is recommended (price is the same either way) and as long as one Farm Operation Partner is registered in the course, any number of Employees may partake in any/all segments for free.  Employees will recieve a Certificate of Attendance for each segment they attended.

J-MAS will tailor agendas to each operations needs and is willing to allow almost any combination of Workshop/Farm sessions to ensure maximum benefit is attained.

Core Segments will require approximately 15 hours to complete.                                       Completeing All Segments will require approximately 25 hours.

Pending how farm operation chooses to proceed, the course may take a weekend (2-3 Farm Sessions) or as long as 4-5 months (8-10 bi-weekly Workshops).  More likely though, a combination of both over a 1-2 month period.    


                                                                                                                                              Segment 1 (C) - Understanding Your Grain Market (1-2h)

Segment 2 (C) - Understanding "The Contract" (1-2h)  

Segment 3 (C) - Understanding Supply & Demand (2-3h)

Segment 4       - Understanding the Commodity Exchange (1-2h)

Segment 5 (C) - Understanding a Commodity Chart (2-3h)

Segment 6 (C) - Understanding Hedging Mechanisms (3h)     

Segment 7 (C) - Understanding Your Operation (1-3h)           

Segment 8       - Macro View of the Agricultural Landscape (1-2h)

Segment 9 (C) - Developing a Hedging Strategy (2-3h)           

Segment 10     - Advanced Hedging Strategies (2-4h)

Segment 11     - Developing a Marketing Plan

   (C) = core segment.  Required for Certificate of Completion.


$2.50-$6.75 per Acre per Operation

                                                                                                                                          Pricing Range is basis:

- Number of Partners taking course (no minimum). Employees may partake in various segments free of charge.

- Workshop vs On-Farm Instruction.

- Sliding Scale based on Operation's Acreage.

Target Audience:

The J-MAS Merchandising course is designed to enhance a full spectrum of marketing skill levels. 

The flexibility surrounding Core vs Non-Core segments and the ability to do any Workshop/Farm Sessions combination should allow a tailoring of the program to the needs of the farm operation.

Recognition Provided:


                                                                                                                                              A Certificate of Completion will be awarded to all Farm Operation Partners who have completed, at minimum, all seven core segments of the program.

A Certificate of Distinction will be awarded to all Farm Operation Partners who have completed all eleven segments of the program, including the development of their own unique marketing plan.

A Certificate of Attendance will be awarded to all Employees or Non-Partners who have completed at least one segment of the program and for each segment they attended.

Method of Instruction:


                                                                                                                                            Instruction will be done classroom style in either a workshop or at-the-farm setting.  The farm operation will dictate how they would like to receive instruction within that framework.

Availability of Program:


                                                                                                                                             The most likely window for course to run will be through the fall of 2014 and into 2015 before seeding, as most farm operation partners will not be available during the crop development months.

Agriculture Business:


Subject of Training:

Business Planning, Strategy and Structure
Crop Production
Financial Management (includes production economics)
Marketing (includes value added)

                                                                                                                                          Segment 1 - Understanding Your Grain Market (1-2h)                                                     Logistic, Transportation, Storage - Who incurs the costs?                                                        - From Bin to the Elevator, Elevator to Port, Port to End-User

Segment 2 - Understanding "The Contract (1-2h)                                                             Basis, FOB, Demurrage, Force Majeure - Who incurs the costs?                                               - Contract Law, Hedgeable vs Non-Hedgeable Commodities                                                 - Types of Contracts - Basis, Forward, Pooled

Segment 3 - Understanding Supply & Demand (2-3h)                                                      Supply & Demand Curves, Elasticity of Demand, of Supply                                                       - Export Pace, Domestic Use, StatsCanada, USDA                                                                 - Stocks to Use Ratio, Substitution Effect                                                                               - Understanding the End-User

Segment 4 - Understanding the Commodity Exchange (1-2h)                                          The Clearing House, Bid/Ask, Spreads - Who incurs the costs?                                                 - Hedging Mechanisms - First and Second Derivatives                                                           - Open Interest, Volume, Fund Ownership

Segment 5 - Understanding a Commodity Chart (2-3h)                                                    Support/Resistance - why Technicals are legitimate                                                                 - Trendlines, Fib Retracement, MA's & Other Instruments                                                      - Market Sentiment, Historical Pricing - Seasonalities

Segment 6 - Understanding Hedging Mechanisms (3h)                                                     Who is long and when?                                                                                                           - Innovative vs Perfect Hedging, Margin & Futures                                                                - Options - Call, Put, Strike Price                                                                                            - Option Strategies, Time Value - Alpha, Beta, Delta, Theta

Segment 7 - Understanding Your Operation (1-3h)                                                          Your own unique, operation specific metrics                                                                             - Cost of Production & Break Even                                                                                         - "The Firm" - Return on Investment Needs                                                                           - Local Area Averages - Who is your competitor?

Segment 8 - Macro View of the Agricultural Landscape (1-2h)                                        The Future of Land, Labour & Capital                         

Segment 9 - Developing a Hedging Strategy (2-3h)                                                         Putting it all together - a master plan vs a Flexible Template

Segment 10 - Advanced Hedging Strategies (2-4h)                                                          Sophisticated Hedging - A look to Wall Street   

Segment 11 - Developing a Marketing Plan (2-4h)                                                           Utilizing the highly-touted J-MAS Marketing Plan Template                                                        - "52 pages of Awesome."

Language of Instruction:


For program information contact:

Visit the program Web site
Kiall Jennett, Consulting Manager

Last Updated: 2014-04-02

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