Agri-Food Management Excellence Inc.

R.R. 1
Donalda AB T0B 1H0

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Between one week and 2 months

12/09/13- 12/13/13  -  Abbotsford, BC 

03/17/14 - 03/21/14 - Calgary, AB

12/01/14 - 12/05/14 - Niagara Falls, ON

03/02/15 - 03/06/15 - Ottawa, ON



Tour of operations applicable to course content 8 hrs Module 1

Strategic Planning 12 hrs Module 1 

Finance 19 hrs Module 1 

Case Study 3.5 hrs Module 1 

Tour of operations 8 hrs Module 2

Risk Management 7 Hrs Module 2 

Finance 19 hrs Module 2 

Case Study 3.5 hrs Module 2

Tours of Operations 8 hrs Module 3

Human Resource Management 15 hrs Module 3

Succession Planning 19 hrs Module 3

Case Study 3.5 hrs Module 3 

Tour of operations 8 hrs Module 4 

Public Policy and Panel discussion 9.5 hours Module 4

Value Chain Management 3.5 hrs Module 4 

Lean Processes 4.5 hrs Module 4 

Governance 5.0 hrs Module 4 

Project Presentations 12 hrs

All course content is a combintion of lecture, individual assignments, and group assignments, including the development and completion of a Strategic Plan for their operation.



Meals $1260

Tuition $5240

Materials $ 300


Target Audience:

Primary Producers and value added operations

Recognition Provided:

Credit towards diploma/degree

CTEAM can also be credited towards an MBA at the University of Guelph

Method of Instruction:


Face to face instruction.  Also includes assignments between modules.  Each module includes a tour of operations that relate to the topics of instruction for that particular module.

Availability of Program:


Offered each winter, with a new group starting in December.  Participants may join in the 2nd module if they miss the first one.  

Agriculture Business:

Field Fruit and Vegetables
Greenhouse, Nursery, Landscape and Floriculture
Other & Non-Traditional
Other Animal
Poultry and Egg
Tree Fruit and Vine

Subject of Training:

Business Planning, Strategy and Structure
Human Resources
Marketing (includes value added)
Succession Planning

Financial Management - understanding financial statements and ratios from a mangement perspective

Public Policy 

Value Chain Management 


Continuous Improvement (Lean) 

Risk Management (Intro to Futures and Options marketing tools)

Language of Instruction:


For program information contact:

Visit the program Web site
Heather Broughton, President

Last Updated: 2013-07-31

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