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This course is provided in our training facility or in a location of your choice such as your farm.  One of our instructor’s will come to your farm and guide you through the process of creating your own ‘Farm’.  This course differs from our classroom lead course as you will have your own finished ‘Farm’ with it’s fields, storage locations and inputs that you use in your farming operation.  As a result of this training you can start entering information that same day.  The trainer will assist you ahead of the setup date to make sure you have all the information that is required for setting up your ‘Farm’. 




 VIP Service (Version Installed Professionally) means your software is customized for your business with the guidance of a Certified VIP Installer.


This training covers the Setup & Understanding and Using classroom courses and it is customized toYOUR FARMING OPERATION. Our trainer will spend up to seven hours assisting you with installation, setup, and training in basic data entry. 




Field Manager Pro

  • Benefits of Using Field Manager PRO Desktop & Mobile



Software Installation

Starting and Activating

  • Installing the mobile
  • Activating your mobile


Setting up a New Farm Data File

  • Completing the Field Manager PRO setup worksheet
  • Creating a New Farm Data File
  • Completing the Setup Menu
  • Completing the Business Information
  • General Notes on the Contacts, Pest, Nutrient and measurement Unit Lists
  • Completing the Contact list setup
  • Completing the Pest List Setup
  • Completing the Nutrient list setup
  • Completing the Measurement Unit List Setup
  • Additional Input Setup Details
  • Reviewing the Show/Hide Features
  • Creating a Backup of the Data File


 Field Manager PRO Desktop:  Entering Crop Records

  • Adding Operations (Planting / Fertilizing)
  • Adding an Observation
  • Adding the Harvest of a Crop
  • Adding a clean storage location
  • Adding a Treated Storage Location
  • Adding a clean Equipment Record
  • Adding the sale of a harvested crop
  • Adding an inventory adjustment
  • Adding other income
  • Adding other expenses
  • Defining or creating a new crop year


Field Manager PRO Mobile:  Entering Crop Records

  • Transferring Your Crop Records Data File from Desktop to Mobile Device
  • Adding Field Activities into Field Manager


Synchronizing Data

  • Synchronizing Field Manager PRO Desktop to mobile device
  • Synchronizing Multiple Mobile Devices
  • Transferring Field Manager PRO Mobile data to Desktop


Creating Farm Financial Plans

  • Steps for Successful crop planning
  • Creating a New Farm Financial Plan
  • Creating Multiple Financial plans from an existing plan



  • Generating and Printing a Crop Record Report





Cost does not include travel to the site and will be billed per km.

Recognition Provided:


Method of Instruction:


Availability of Program:


Agriculture Business:


Subject of Training:

Crop Production
Financial Management (includes production economics)

This course will setup a producer so that he can keep permanent records of the crops planted and what
the crop experience through out the planting, harvesting, storage to sale cycle

For program information contact:

Visit the program Web site
Candace Pollock, CEO

Last Updated: 2013-05-09

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