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Target Audience:

New Entrants

Agriculture Business:


Subject of Training:

Crop Production
This program offered to Olds College students in their second year in an agricultural program began in 1999 and has since grown into a successful program that received the Growing Alberta Leadership Award (GALA) in the Building Youth Leadership category. The program’s mandate is to promote ‘industry and public awareness of relevant agricultural issues’ across Canada and to develop young agricultural leaders. Advocates must be second year students in the faculty of Animal Science and must apply to the Dean and undergo an interview and selection process before being selected to take part in the program. The program is looking for students with a vested interest in the future of agriculture and students who will promote the industry long after they are finished at Olds College. The aim is to have 10-12 students act as Agricultural Advocates each year and travel throughout the country to promote the industry, as well as the College. Advocates undergo training in media relations, work with mentors in the industry and participate in a two-day workshop on the internal issues of Olds College so that they are fully aware of how the College functions before they head out to promote it. Advocates promote Olds College and the agriculture industry at conferences, workshops, seminars and the Royal Winter Fair. As advocates are busy at conferences and workshops they are also developing valuable leadership skills that they will be able to take back to the community once they are finished at school. This program provides opportunity to learn about the relevant issues in the industry and to develop peer networks along the way. The concept of the program developed from the ambassador programs that many US colleges and universities have implemented to promote their institutions; however, this program is unique in that it engages a specific sector. Through promotion of the industry and the development of future agricultural leaders this program has addressed a number of human resource issues such as the negative image that the industry currently faces, the recruitment of a younger workforce into the industry and the development of leaders that have acquired skills in more than production management. http://www.oldscollege.ab.ca/agadvocates/index.asp

Language of Instruction:


For program information contact:

Brad Dowell, Master Instructor

Last Updated: 2013-05-09

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