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Between one week and 2 months



·         Between each session FLC has created a forum for FLC and the instructor to respond to registrants’ questions to ensure thorough understanding of the workshop content.

·         Each individual registration allows two parties to participate in the course (husband/wife, father/son, father/daughter, brothers, etc.) as long as they are farming together.


  Each workshop will include:

·         Each session is 90 minutes

·         Workshop days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.


February workshop dates are; February 7, 8, 9, 14, 15, 16, 21, 22, 23, 28, 29, March 1, 6, 7, 8.



  Mr. Cassidy has worked for line companies and Government of Alberta and then created his own company that sells for individual and organizations and provides training.

Using futures tools such as puts and calls or options can provide a farmer with more income by allowing them to deliver their product earlier to avoid product deterioration and to obtain a higher price in future months, again through the futures market.  This workshop will educate producers how to track future prices on commodity markets.  “Managing Risk” will educate producers on current cash contracts, how to put the tools together and how to analyse the market in terms of data and trends.  They will also have the skills require to achieve final prices above their cost of production and therefore realize a profit. 




         Brief development of futures

·   margin process

o         Importance of off-setting

·Using Futures to Hedge

·         Why hedge

·         Short hedge

·         Rolling hedges


·         Basis as a cost

·         Freight and basis

·         Calculating basis

·         Basis and basis trading


         What is an option?

·         Types of options--PUTS and CALLS

·   time value

o   at-the-money

·         Using options to establish

o   example

·<span style="\&quot;font-family:" 'courier="" new';="" mso-fareast-font-family:="" new';\"="">o         Guaranteed Min/Max Price contracts

·         Production Contracts

·Pulling It All Together

·         What do you honestly believe the markets could do?

·         Can you cash flow your operation if you chose to wait out the market?

·         Are you limiting your exposure to the market place?



$875.00 ($775.00 for FLC members/subscribers)

         CD (valued at $100.00)

·         Course manual


Target Audience:

  FLC has provided this training (face to face and on line) for 5 years and found that more than one individual is involved in marketing for the farm.Secondary audience is any individual who is servicing the agriculture industry (e.g. feedlot operator/owner, feed mill, etc.).


Recognition Provided:


  Attendance will be tracked for each session as well as monitoring access to the archives.


Method of Instruction:



·         Mr. Cassidy will use PowerPoint, on-line whiteboard and appropriate website locations for the information relevant to the topic being covered in each session.

·         On-line forum will be established to answer questions between each session.

·         Each registrant has the ability to access the archives to review any or all sessions at a time convenient for the registrants and as often as they require.


Availability of Program:





Agriculture Business:


Subject of Training:

Business Planning, Strategy and Structure
Financial Management (includes production economics)
Marketing (includes value added)

Objective 1: Understanding futures terminology to creating a working knowledge of futures.


Objective 3Objective 4: Having producers investigate various contracts and price risk measures and determine what will suit their needs and exposure levels re margin calls (cash), etc.


Language of Instruction:


For program information contact:

Visit the program Web site
Don Ross, Manager

Last Updated: 2013-05-15

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