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One day or less

Know-Risk Introduction workshop is a full day course designed to help you develop the fundamentals in managing your crop marketing in a small group environment. John Snell; Senior VP at INTL FCStone, a known industry expert with over 35 years of experience in ag price risk management will teach you about managing futures, options and basis, and work with you to develop a quantifiable hedge strategy for your farm.


8:00 am Opening Comments
8:15 am Introduction to Know-Risk reports and decision making tools
9:30 am One-on-One session—Understanding reports
10:30 am John Snell—Developing and Managing a quantifiable hedge strategy
11:30 am One-on-One session—Developing a hedge strategy that best fits your farm’s risk management objectives and risk tolerances

1:00 discussion of pricing tools, including the following: use of options, structured yield enhancement products, fixed pricing alternatives, and prices basis.
3:00 pm One-on-One session—Discussions on pricing alternatives specific to your farm
4:00 pm Alternatives for pricing wheat: opportunities in options and structured products
5:00 pm Daily recap and adjourn



Cost is on a per farm basis. You are able to bring anyone within your farm that plays a role in crop marketing.

Target Audience:

Grain and Oilseed producers in Western Canada

Recognition Provided:


A certificate will be provided apon completion of the course

Method of Instruction:


Availability of Program:


If there is demand in an area we will host a workshop but typically there is one every 1-2 months.

Agriculture Business:


Subject of Training:

Marketing (includes value added)

Topics Include:

  • Hedging strategies theory
  • One-on-One Development of your farms hedge strategy
  • Option terminology
  • Managing basis
  • “what if” scenarios
  • Know-Risk reporting and decision making tools

Language of Instruction:


For program information contact:

Last Updated: 2014-04-11

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