Management and Production of Poultry and Swine

University of the Fraser Valley - Agriculture Technology Department

45635 Yale Road
Chilliwack BC V2P 6T4

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More than 2 months

40 hours - Fall semester (September-December), only offered in odd-numbered years, Chilliwack campus




Recognition Provided:

Credit towards diploma/degree

Method of Instruction:


Availability of Program:


Fall semester (September-December), only offered in odd-numbered years.

Agriculture Business:

Poultry and Egg

Subject of Training:

Animal Production
Marketing (includes value added)

This course covers feeding, breeding, and management for commercial and purebred swine operations. Topics include production, marketing, facilities, equipment; swine herd health, and genetics. This course will also cover the poultry industry in Canada, mainly in the Fraser Valley at the farm level.
The basics of feeding, breeding, and management of different types of poultry will also be covered Students will be required to participate in the care of departmental livestock outside of regular class hours. Field trips are required.


Language of Instruction:


For program information contact:

1-888-504-7441, ext. 2813
(604) 795-2813
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Shelley Hayes, Department Assistant/Advisor

Last Updated: 2013-05-09

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