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More than 2 months

Allover Canada - any time of the year.


Minimum of 8 weeks/full time working hrs



Mentors receive $2000 for participation in the program and Mentees receive $1000 for travel.

Target Audience:

Any person who is planning to take over a farm or is currently managing a farm. Applicants must be over the age of 18.

Recognition Provided:


Featured in press and CFBMC communications including our website.

Method of Instruction:


The mentee will work on-location with the mentor at the farm/farm business.

Availability of Program:


The Step Up program matches mentors with mentees to work on-farm for a minimum of 8 weeks.

Agriculture Business:

Field Fruit and Vegetables
Greenhouse, Nursery, Landscape and Floriculture
Other & Non-Traditional
Other Animal
Poultry and Egg
Tree Fruit and Vine

Subject of Training:

Business Planning, Strategy and Structure
Financial Management (includes production economics)
Human Resources
Marketing (includes value added)
Succession Planning

STEP UP is an on-farm paid work placement that matches experienced farm managers with young people just starting or interested in a farming career. Mentoring is a great way to help the next generation of farmers. Benefit from the enthusiasm and curiosity of a young person eager to learn, while helping them to develop skills in making strategic management decisions. Top 5 reasons to become a mentee: - Develop new skills and abilities by learning from the best - Capture great new ideas from an experienced farm manager - Broaden your horizons and experience - Increase your motivation and confidence - Access a wider network of contacts

Language of Instruction:


For program information contact:

(888) 232-3262 ext. 32
(613) 237-9060 ext. 32
Visit the program Web site
Nancy Pirie

Last Updated: 2015-05-08

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