New Farmer Internship (NFI)

Everdale Farm and Learning Centre

P.O. Box 29
Hillsburgh ON N0B 1Z0

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More than 2 months

7 months/ 10 hours/day, five days per week


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Tuition costs vary depending on the length of internship chosen.  Please vist our website or contact us for more information.

Target Audience:

Individuals wishing to learn about organic agriculture

Recognition Provided:


Method of Instruction:


Farm work, field trips, seminars, and workshops.

Availability of Program:


Interns live and work at Everdale for the duration of the program. The NFI is a tuition-based program which makes it unlike most other internships which often pay interns small monthly stipends and provide room and board in exchange for farm labour.  In exchange for tuition fees the interns receive room/board and a structured learning environment.

Agriculture Business:

Field Fruit and Vegetables
Other Animal
Poultry and Egg

Subject of Training:

Crop Production
Equipment / Machine Operation and Maintenance

The units of study in the NFI curriculum are: 1) Organic Farming and Gardening Skills and Practices, 2) Managing Soil Fertility, 3) Garden and Field Tillage and Cultivation, 4) Propagating Crops from Seed and Greenhouse Management, 5) Transplanting and Direct Seeding, 6) Irrigation: Principles and Practices, 7) Selecting and Using Cover Crops, 8) Making and Using Compost, 9) Managing Arthropod Pests and Plant Pathogens, 10) Managing Weeds, 11) Soil Science, 12) Social and Environmental Issues in Agriculture.

Language of Instruction:


For program information contact:

(519) 855-4859 ext104
Visit the program Web site
Gavin Dandy, NFI Coordinator

Last Updated: 2013-05-09

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