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Less than one week


$30 + HST per person, or $50 + HST per family.

Method of Instruction:


Availability of Program:


Agriculture Business:

Poultry and Egg
Greenhouse, Nursery, Landscape and Floriculture
Tree Fruit and Vine
Other & Non-Traditional
Other Animal
Field Fruit and Vegetables

Subject of Training:

Animal Production
Crop Production

FarmStart  is offering two new series of Skills Building Farm Tours:

Ecological Livestock
Market Gardening

The FarmStart farm tours are an opportunity to visit ecological farms and learn from experienced farmers! These field days include a morning farm tour and in the afternoon the farmer will teach the group a new skill or lead an in-depth discussion on a particular topic. The last hour of the day includes an optional work-bee! If you are in the early stages of your farming career or just exploring the possibilities this is a great opportunity to visit a farm and learn from experienced farmers, as well as to network with other new farmers!

Farm Tours run from April to October, 10 am to 4pm, on weekends.

Sign up for a series of field days or for a single day.


Language of Instruction:


For program information contact:

519 836 7046 x 104
Visit the program Web site
Alexandra English, Training and Resources Program Manager

Last Updated: 2013-05-09

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