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Less than one week

VIP/Fast Track, On site, one on one training to accurately setup farm financial records, record transactions, and generate, analyze, & use financial reports using AgExpert Analyst.

2 days (7hrs/day)


Training is customized to fit the participant's needs. Due to this personal customization, the length of training as well as the following agenda may vary slightly.

A checklist of information to gather & have prepared will be sent to the participant to Fast Track the installation & setup instructions.

Day 1 - Installation/Setup & Create a new data file in which to record the participants farm transactions. Record Current Capital Assets. Daily Transaction Entries. 

Day 2 - Continuation of Daily Transaction Entries, Bank Reconciliation, Generating a GST Report, basic instruction on Reviewing Financial Reports.



$1500.00 plus GST

This cost includes a VIP Package of free training materials & software.

There will be a $70/hr (plus GST) charge for any additional training required.

Target Audience:

Farmers with basic computer knowledge looking for user friendly tools & an opportunity to make more informed business decisions.

Recognition Provided:


Participants will receive a certificate indicating completion of the course.

Method of Instruction:


Availability of Program:


Training appointments will be set to fit into the participants schedule.

Agriculture Business:

Tree Fruit and Vine
Other & Non-Traditional
Other Animal
Field Fruit and Vegetables
Poultry and Egg
Greenhouse, Nursery, Landscape and Floriculture

Subject of Training:

Business Planning, Strategy and Structure
Financial Management (includes production economics)

The participant will learn how to track their income, expenses, GST & inventory to generate financial reports to help manage their farm operations.

Language of Instruction:


For program information contact:

Last Updated: 2013-05-09

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