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Includes topics on conventional and organic production methods, husbandry practices for livestock, poultry, fish and bees, such as genetics and breeding, raising, calving/farrowing, laying, hatching, nutrition, feeding, milking, animal health and disease control, management, handling, behaviour, biosecurity, traceability, risk management, housing, nutrient and manure management, and harvesting fish and marine products.  

Includes topics on preparing and presenting business plans, the farm business management process including strategic planning, identifying business objectives, setting goals, evaluating farm business structures, exit strategies, taxation, liability, ownership, time management, risk management problem solving, critical thinking, and facilitation techniques.

Includes topics on conventional and organic production methods for crops and plants such as genetics and breeding, planting, growing, transplanting, harvesting, pruning, soil and nutrient management, irrigation management, pest management, risk management, chemical application, storage, and greenhouse production, nurseries and ornamental horticulture, biosecurity, traceability, plant health, diagnostics and agronomy.  

Includes topics on mechanics and equipment technology, operation, maintenance and handling of all types of equipment and/or machinery used in farm and greenhouse operations, irrigation management, transportation of farm animals and products, emergency response, welding techniques and workplace safety practices.

Includes topics on bookkeeping, record keeping, farm business accounting, farm financial statements, net worth statements, production and marketing plans, cash flow, debt service, accrued income, historical and ratio analysis, cost management, cost of production, enterprise analysis, production strategies, risk management, environmental cost benefit analysis, , regulation compliance cost benefits, economic planning and analysis of production decisions, work schedules and performance measurements.

Includes topics on human resource management planning and practices, such as communication skills, effective delegation, training, leadership skills, team building, recruitment and retention of qualified staff, determining work schedules and performance measurements and health and safety.

Includes topics on landscape architecture, design and installation.

Includes topics on assessing market opportunities,identifying marketing strategies including preparing a marketing plan, market development, export development, direct farm marketing, traceability, grading, inspection techniques, risk management, food safety and product quality monitoring, post-harvest processing and packaging of plant, animal and fish products, retail garden centre work, agri-tourism.

Includes topics on technology and computer skills, governance , research, engineering, microbiology, plant and tree identification, general continuing education programs that are not captured in other categories.

Includes topics on the succession planning process, transferring labour, management and ownership of farm assets to the next generation, facilitation skills, exit strategies and strategic actions for retirement.